Booking an event can be intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be. At Heritage North, we commit to making the process as simple and straightforward as possible. Not sure what kind of seating arrangement is best? We can help. Not sure what the difference is between a chair cover and a chair sash?  We can help. Not sure who is responsible for what when arranging an event? We can help.

The following documents will guide you through the process:

  The Rental Agreement: This document has two parts.

The Application records the basic information about yourself and the event you want to hold. The Contract is the legal agreement commissioning Heritage North as the  host venue for your event. Different types of events have different requirements. For that reason, we offer both a


We encourage you to review the documents with the assistance of a staff member. They will be able to answer questions and make recommendations that will enhance your event.


: This document explains pricing, room capacities and amenities, set up options, etc.